May 15th 2017

“Hot Gun Western City”, the third record by, Human Potential, will be released on July 21st, 2017.

The title track is streaming over at Self-Titled Mag.

October 23rd, 2015

“How To Get Where You Want To Go”, the second record by Andrew Becker’s solo project, Human Potential, is now available.

Get it from iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp.

July 1st, 2015

Andrew Becker has recently completed work on the second Human Potential record.

The album, entitled “How To Get Where You Want To Go”, will be released by What Delicate on October 20th, 2015.

June 3rd, 2014

“Heartbreak Record”, the debut full-length from Andrew Becker’s solo project, Human Potential, is now available.

You can download it from iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

We’ve also got some vinyl LPs for sale.  These come with a download card and a gratis copy of the Screens album, “Dead House”, because we just don’t give a care.

Buy stuff here!

April 21st, 2014

Deleted Scenes just released a new record called, “Lithium Burn”.  They just keep making remarkably interesting sounds.  Go buy it here.

April 13th, 2014

“Rounded Hours”, the lead track off of Human Potential’s “Heartbreak Record” is streaming here.  Take a listen…or don’t.

February 2014

What Delicate is elated to announce that we will be releasing the first record by Human Potential, the solo project of Screens and Medications drummer, Andrew Becker. The album, entitled “Heartbreak Record” will be out this spring on vinyl as well as in them there digital stores. Stay tuned for details.

September 2011

Deleted Scenes are releasing their second full-length, “Young People’s Church of the Air” on Sockets Records.

It’s really good.  Buy it…then see them on tour.

May 2011

“Dead House”, the first full-length from Screens is out now!

Cop your digital tracks on iTunes, Amazon or eMusic.  Procure some vinyl at our shop.

Screens will be celebrating the release of “Dead House” with a record release show at Death By Audio in Brooklyn on May 27th.

February 2011

What Delicate is please to announce that we will be releasing, “Dead House”, the first full-length from  Screens, on May 17th.

“Dead House” was produced by L. Skell and features Andrew Becker on drums.

January 2010

Andrew Becker is currently drumming for a band called Screens.  Screens is finishing up their first full-length with L. Skell (The Rude Staircase), who is producing/mixing/engineering.  The album was also engineered with the help of Nick Krill of The Spinto Band.  Stay tuned.

January 2009

New release!  “Birdseed Shirt” by Deleted Scenes.  It’s awfully fantastic.

 July 2008

Introducing Fantastic Magic from San Diego, California.

Their 7″ recording of “Sea of Gold B/W “Jam and Yim” is now available.

 July 2007

What Delicate Recordings is pleased to announce the release of two albums this fall:

“Sookie Jump” by Eldridge Skell’s The Rude Staircase on September 11, 2007…


…and though we’re told we’ve got it all, the all we’ve got is freezing cold…” by Condor Moments.