Record Info

Human_Potential_Press_PhotoHuman Potential is the solo project of Andrew Becker; formerly the drummer for Dischord Records’ band, Medications and nefarious Brooklyn outfit, Screens.

After his latter group unceremoniously imploded in the summer of 2011, Becker consulted a high end, spiritual assassin who foretold a life just above the poverty line if he attempted to transpose the Bee Gees’ “1st” into an aural nightscape of loss, regret and heartache.  Needless to say, Becker was intrigued.

 The journey began when Becker was bequeathed a nylon string guitar his grandfather had crafted out of the wheel wells of a Mazda 323 and some petrified sap from the infamous, 1,500 year old Boab Prison Tree.  Unsure of what a chord was, he sat and looked quizzically at the instrument for more than a week before rapping hesitantly on the high E string.  What peculiar sounds!  He immediately tried to silence the songbirds in his head by externalizing their Luciferian mandates; concocting extraordinarily supple sound sketches in a Brooklyn shack smeared with Isabelline parchment, before relocating to a friend’s haunted igloo in Granville, New York.  It was there that he amalgamated the tones of tooth decay, ghost apnea and icy Green Mountain winds into a chewy pop pulp.

With basic structural architecture completed, Becker contacted local engineering stalwart, Jeremy Scott, about capturing the velvety fistful of grotesqueries he’d been fastidiously woodshedding, like, for real.  The two spent many months absorbing Becker’s pernicious guitar scum, pugnaciously pounded keyboard stabs, wanton trashcan bashing and strident yelps, which they then refined, mixed and overnighted to the astral plane for enhanced sonic sheen.

Borne out of these sanguine sessions is “Heartbreak Record”, a ten-song juggernaut that spits in the pristine, black eyes of the Illuminati, and also provides a tender score for your rainy afternoon copulation.  It’s an album that embraces the oppressive, celestial sphere of longing while simultaneously trying to thumb it into a rhombus shaped origami of ecstasy.  They are songs to inspire a feeling.  The sound of a future imperfect.

“Heartbreak Record”, Human Potential’s debut album is out June 3rd, 2014, on Becker’s own, What Delicate Recordings.