Record Info

Fantastic+Magic+fmFantastic Magic were created in the vitamin D rich environment of San Diego by a coven of gnomes using gator limbs, cough syrup and green crack.  Featuring Nathan Williams (Wavves) on vocals, mandolin and electric guitar, Sundar Whelan (Heavy Hawaii) on a collection of instrumental curios and vocals, and Matt Barajas (Heavy Hawaii) on guitar and warbles, the trio established themselves with the cassette and CD-R, “Witch Choir”, released by Abandon Ship in 2007.  Landing squarely outside the norm of every mandolin picker, guitar licker and talking drum piddler from here to Mauritius, they attracted various oddballs, octogenarians and perverts with their barely cognizant serenades and ethereal murder chants.  Hearing the dreamy filth emanating from these young go-getters, What Delicate approached Fantastic Magic about exhuming some of their ditties from their day-glo coffin for a second release.  The result is the “Sea of Gold” B/W “Jam and Yima” seven inch.  Similar to fornicating with a pixie, the sounds on this piece of vinyl overwhelm your every sense pulling you down into a sweet psychedelic abyss, while clouds of blissed out earworms pummel your earhole.  Following the release of the record, Fantastic Magic played a few more shows, then decided to call it a day.  But, goddamn if it wasn’t a weird ride.