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Spawned somewhere between the colored crystal rock caves of Preston and the elegant seaside hostility of Blackpool, the Condor Moments have seamlessly reinvented a music of ritual suicide and crack-party dengue fever. The group was formed in 1985 by keyboardist/singer Richy Midnight and drummer The Real David Grey from the still warm embers of the anarcho-pop theorists Cheap Kojak.  Using tiki torches and water balloons the duo started writing some of the most challenging campfire songs to hit the dirt since Casey and the Sunshine Acid Blues Crawlers.  Later joined by the miraculous bass player Gregory Pex they were now a true power trio fully prepared to press on and conquer with tender provocation while always ready for cooking a big roast. The sparkle donkey hides its young before it shines its rainbow.  Eventually the trio was joined by unhinged guitar legend Brucie Millions between his stints in regional penitentiaries of northern New Jersey, USA and nothing would ever be the same.

After years of kicking it about playing romantic waltzes in the moonlight of The Lake District or earth shattering dirges inside a fishing net atop a billiards table in one of the burliest leather bars in NYC, they finally perfected their most convincingly delusional and effervescent sound reminiscent of Charles Ives, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Raymond Wallbank, Ludwig Van Beethoven and The Homosexuals among others. They have become an impossible ideal ready to take both The United States and the United Arab Emirates by storm!

Most recently The Condor Moments have recorded a titan’s breakfast report of songs in the remote foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France with the mad hermit engineer/producer/musician cult hero Bob Drake. This masterwork,  “And though we’re told we’ve got it all, the all we’ve got is freezing cold….”, combines the band’s shifting rhythmic ellipses, keyboard weirdness and tongue twisting vocal perversity with the unlimited epic revisionism of visionary flamboyant industrialists. For added tree hugging empowerment these cocksure wizards have added the meat rubbingly elegant vocals of Madge Daddy and Lady Dah of Blackpool’s Twilight Golden Calf as well as the underworldy deepthroat vomitsounds of humansacrifice from the noise/actionist cover band Peeinmyfacewithsurgery.

This CD is the most amazingly complex and purehearted collection of cinematic songclusters to be recorded since The Sun City Girls’ “300,003 Crossdressers from beyond the Rig Veda”,  Ash Ra Tempel’s “7 Up!” and Fela Kuti’s “Coffins for Heads of State” combined! It is capable of simultaneously promoting healthy nudist living while welcoming all listeners to their unremembered collective past lives and psychic marshes. This music is more than simply food, as it exists in the spirit of science fiction and the mode of sheer mindless bootyshakin’ joy!